FireWeb Incident Management.

FireWeb is a mature web-based information, incident and communications tool which has been tailor made for fire and rescue services and has been successfully utilised in national, provincial, district and local government throughout South Africa.

FireWeb delivers the vital features necessary for the effective communication, management, dispatching and reporting on fire and rescue operations. These range from assignment rosters to the recording and mapping of every incident logged. Workflow management ensures that tasks are attended to and signed off according to the policies of the organisation.

Our philosophy is to provide simple solutions for complex problems and is designed to be an intuitive “one click” solution resulting in minimal training requirements. FireWeb is accessible wherever there is an internet connection – whether it be via a network in your building or data from a mobile operator.

FireWeb has been developed to enable the hierarchical structures and institutional arrangements at every level of government and has allowed for all stakeholders across these boundaries to engage with one another and share information and knowledge within their relevant forums.


FireWeb is successfully utlised throughout South Africa in National, District and Local Government for a range of incident types and categories, including in the government-funded, job-creation programme, Working on Fire which is focused on implementing Integrated Fire Management in South Africa. In addition to this, the application is being utilised in Canada, United States of America, Brazil and Australia.